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Juan Hidalgo

Candidate for 51st Congressional District

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Juan “Johnny” M. Hidalgo Jr. was born in San Diego and raised in National City. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served with distinction in both war and peace for over 31 years. His sincere commitment of continued service to our Country has led him to seek to be your Congressman.


As a devout family man and committed Christian, he now desires to apply his leadership skills to the challenges facing the families, individuals, and businesses of the 51st District such an unacceptable 11% unemployment rate and a 32% high school drop out rate. He will work tirelessly to improve the local economy and public safety. He sincerely asks for your vote during the upcoming 2020 elections and promises to be your faithful representative.

America Figueroa

Candidate for 56th Assembly District

I’m a Mexican immigrant, naturalized U.S. citizen. I come from a family of schoolteachers. My parents taught me to respect authority, serve my community, and value integrity. California legislators continue to propose laws limiting our options as parents and as taxpaying citizens. What has been happening in my state during the last few years is dangerous and harmful to children, families, and people of faith. I refuse to sit down and do nothing.

I am taking a leap of faith because young generations deserve better than what we are leaving behind for them.

Together We Will Make A Difference!